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Carbon Credit Corporation (C3) Pty Ltd aims to 'create a world of difference'.

We will achieve this by having a large positive impact on our environment and helping to create a world vastly different from what we have today. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to our environment and that we need to work together toward sustainable solutions that are not just low cost, or cost neutral, but can be cost-effective and save money whilst lowering emissions. There are three areas we are seeking to excel in:   

  • Measurement and Assurance
  • Education and Training
  • Offering Cost-effective and Cost-saving solutions

We, along with other companies around the world, are finding that CO2 emission reduction is very much a business issue and not just an environmental one. Measuring your CO2 emission and energy consumption can lead to better management decision making and cost reduction. Energy = Cost. Therefore reducing consumption of energy will reduce cost. This is the basis of the way forward to a more sustainable future.

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